Saturday, October 13, 2007

"Unmanted Truth of my wanted Life"

“Career is like a multiple a choice question, if you choose
the wrong one you are gone”

“Experience doesn’t give innovation”

“Being sadist doesn’t mean you hurt someone, rather you
don’t entertain anyone”

“One shall not speak truth always it might hurt someone”

“Knowing truth always leads to compromise”

“Following others give respect in society, following yourself
gives you strength within”

“Please don’t hurt anyone for no reason”

“Emotions fill everything”

“Don’t run for a relation it will make you run throughout your life”

“Filling others expectation advances to kill your interest,
if it’s not clashing”

“One shall not always look for a strong reason to laugh”

“In immature relation, Sex with opposition has got a selfish respect”

“People can’t crap about you unless and until to give them a chance to do so.”

“Wanted relation shall not be maintained on unwanted basis and vice versa”

© Copyright ^Mansanvi^

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