Monday, October 15, 2007

The day has begun...!!!

A moment for which all of us were waiting, for someone a time to show up and for someone a time to finish the burden. I guess that's why attitude has always given a prefernce. Your reaction for a particular situation makes a hell lot of difference. As i remember there was guy who never studied, what he was going to study and he was petrified, terrified and disturbed by the situation and he reliased after experiencing things around that he is going to fall into some trap. Well i always tried to change his attitude rather than explaining him subjects.

Many times he asked me "do you keep negative attitude for any thing?". I said "I don't know i guess when it comes to something on which my life depends then probably i don't keep an attitude, which is not going to give me anything irrespective of keeping a "positive" or so called a "negative" attitude. Whatever is the condition, in case if i don't get things for which i am working and struggling hard then i always think that better is few steps ahead, i need to put some more efforts. I guess this could be the one of the reason for my failures as well as my successes.

So today was the first day of our "final term" examination. Huffff and look at the the subject OPAD, taught beautifully by both the faculties but beauty of an institute always resides in students mind and in turn you always get something to crib about otherwise what's the whole point of having a system where there is nothing to improve. But sometimes i do feel that even if a "Nobel" prize winner would have taught us then also we could have found some flaws. I guess this what human mind is made for, you always bother for things which is not around in spite of utilizing the existing system to its full extent.

As i entered the class, i could feel tons of words bombarding on my ears. I wondered what it is all about and here they go, it all about sitting at a place from where its easy for them to see each other answer sheet. I felt bad because a R&D center is not made for this but what can be done, this is the system which we designed, where people always fight to be ahead with others. But i am sure that the attitude to be competitive can't be like this, probably their maturity level might be arising the situation. I read a mail in the morning saying "instances of copying has been seen because of which results of the MFCS test 3 and test 4 have been kept on held". But what about students who were honest while giving tests. Yaap here one slang exactly fits into picture.

"Ghehu ke saath Ghun bhi Pista hai..!!"

As sir and madam entered into the class and did one announcement, which spoiled the planning of many students. Hahahaha i do feel petty for them but i guess that was most appreciable work done at that instant. And bingo..!!we were ask to split into two rooms.

Exam began and all of got OMR sheet and finally the question paper. Few questions were "OHT" for me but still managed to solve some. Hope result will come in my favor.

well fever is on for 3 more days..!!!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Paranoid by the situation..!!!

Well I always wondered why companies can’t last for long. After putting lot of thoughts I can’t draw a line, in reference to which I can make my decisions. People have got their own priority and “dear” priorities keep changing with time and that’s why I think companies also keep changing with time.

It doesn’t matter how magical was someone’s company, irrespective of having all the qualities which rocked your world, you always bothered for something which annoyed you and your world. At least one should keep track of it, because this is the only weapon which could satisfy your moral to escape from the moments which amazed your world but at the end of the day you might end up leaving few words somewhere in your diary, blog etc. etc for not having someone’s so called unforgettable company. Because priorities keep changing with time, Otherwise imagine situations where you don’t have anything against it and still you want to escape from it, I guess it will screw your mind and your thoughts and might end up feeling guilt within. So cleavers always count on things which are immaterial and to escape you claim for things as if it were so visible like a mount “Everest”. But I believe you can escape the physical existence of any situation but you always make your decisions based on your past and try to avoid the “so called” mistakes which you believe that you encountered last time and draw a line so that you don’t fall into the trap again.

“You can escape situations but you can’t escape memories”

It won’t be a justice to a relation which deserved all the beautiful words of “english dictionary” and ended up with words. You felt it with your beautiful heart so try to grab it with your heart. Relations shall not be dealt with words unless or until you are paranoid by the situation. You live a life to have life long memories rather than memories which fade out with time.

Priorities keep changing with time --> Time keep bringing priorities --> Time is continuous but priorities can be made discrete --> Relations are invincible shall not be made invisible --> if you loved it then have it :)

Memory fades out..!!!

I still remember the first time. Everything was so impulsive and sportive. And for a brief moment, guilt-ridden. Since then I've asked myself so many times why I did it? Maybe because it felt so right. And incredibly magical. For when I felt you against my skin and looked into your eyes I just let go. Of my reservations, inhibitions and my senses.

Looking back, I'm happy some of my life's best memories were with you. Carefree days, beautiful sights, unspoken nights. Braving chilly winds as I clutched at your sleeve. Walking unfathomable distances knowing you were with me. At times, shielding you with my little hands, for whatever it was worth. You were my obsession, a completely inexplicable one. Would I struggle so much to understand anyone else? I wonder.

It always annoyed me - the way you would show up my flaws. Yet, there wasn't a single time I didn't forgive you. Not a single time. Not even the days you gave up on me. Or the days I couldn't see you in the eye. You were precious to me. And you always made me smile. In return, I reserved some of my best smiles for you. To cherish, to hold and to freeze forever in memory. It was all you. For when people saw me with you, I glowed.

You changed my life. The times I felt at peace just feeling your presence on me. The way you caressed my nose. How there was nothing more beautiful than burying my face in your back and just holding you. The way I searched for the nooks in you body to fill with me. And the certain joy of looking at life through your eyes. Something no one will ever understand.

You should know it's impossible to forget you. And to think you were never a part of my life. I can never stop wishing I had spent more time with you. Or at least done justice to the times we were together. Deep in my heart, I'll also keep hoping for that miracle reunion.

I'll miss you. Really. I'll miss holding you and making memories with you. I'll always regret never having told you how much you meant to me. But I guess it's time to move on.

There's just one nagging fear in my heart. And I can't stop thinking about it. I hope the lenses that came free with you will fit on to my new Canon.

"Unmanted Truth of my wanted Life"

“Career is like a multiple a choice question, if you choose
the wrong one you are gone”

“Experience doesn’t give innovation”

“Being sadist doesn’t mean you hurt someone, rather you
don’t entertain anyone”

“One shall not speak truth always it might hurt someone”

“Knowing truth always leads to compromise”

“Following others give respect in society, following yourself
gives you strength within”

“Please don’t hurt anyone for no reason”

“Emotions fill everything”

“Don’t run for a relation it will make you run throughout your life”

“Filling others expectation advances to kill your interest,
if it’s not clashing”

“One shall not always look for a strong reason to laugh”

“In immature relation, Sex with opposition has got a selfish respect”

“People can’t crap about you unless and until to give them a chance to do so.”

“Wanted relation shall not be maintained on unwanted basis and vice versa”

© Copyright ^Mansanvi^

“An Angel for few hrs in my life…”

“An Angle for few hrs in my life…”

(……Met “God” in my “dream”….)

I was dreaming alone in the brightest dark of the lovely night,
No moon only sun around, I was trying to be lost in my life,
To feel “all” waves of my long lived life,
I was laughing in my mind, for touchable words of my untouchable life,
I was crying with my heart, for beautiful persons in my ugly life,
I was flying with my wings, to love someone in my unloved life,
I was walking on my legs, to delay the time which made me run in my life,

Finally met “God” once in my life,

Conversation with “God”:

I: “God” why did you send me to earth?
You had only 2 things to design my life, Wrote my
whole life with “1” alphabet” and “An” Integer involved,

Why things don’t stay for long in my life?

God: “Son”, this is called the circle of life,
where things can’t stay for long,
You did a mistake by solving the
“mathematics” behind your life,

I: why you sent me to the earth “god”,
even if you did, why you made me 2ndary in their lives,

You kept me aside from many relations,
in relations also you kept me 2nd without even thinking of me

God: Till you are on earth you can’t have anything
less then 2 or more than 2, but let me feel
pity for your words, shall give you a gift
for few hrs, try catching all the relations for
which you were miles behind.

I: “God” please no more 2 in life, I am tired of
carrying the image of 2 in my life, please send the gift
thrice. Please God, once in a life time, throw me just 1 down.
Please “God”…PlzzzzzzzzSSssssssssseeeeee..,

God: Ok but this is the last time I am feeling pity
for your words, but make sure that don’t insult
my gifts.

I: As you wish my lovely “God”.

I wished immediately and said thank u, thank u 2ice and
came out from his world, before “He” changes his mind.
When I woke up it was a beautiful sunny day, Air ready
with million of kisses, trees ready to swing me in their arms,
water waiting to drag me in his world. Life was full of
love and affection without any expectation.

I wished…If I can???
I can have someone, who is unique in zillions,
I can live with someone throughout my life,
I can pamper someone whole my life,
I can care for someone till I die,
I can laugh with someone till someone laughs,
I can cry with someone, if someone cries,
I can run for someone when someone gets tired of running,
I hit myself if I get angry on “someone”,
I can hide someone’s toys, if I am angry of someone,
I can pull “someone” cheek if I feel like loving my someone,
I can make someone cry, if I feel to be naughty with someone,
I can fill someone with chocolates, ice-creams if someone is angry of me,
I can give someone a huge hug, if someone is upset of something,
I can whisper my secrets in someone’s ears,
I can guard someone if I find an idiot around,
I can cook for someone, if someone is tired of cooking,
I can read for someone, if someone doesn’t feel like reading anything,
I can count all stars for someone, if someone doesn’t feel like sleeping,
I can tell 1000s of stories to someone, if someone wants to be lost in dreams,
I can cry for someone when someone will be lost in someone else dream
Let me live with my “someone” till I fill zillions of pages alike,


"A company Like a Shore"

I was dreaming alone in the brightest dark of the lovely night,
No moon only sun around, I was trying to be lost in my life,
To feel “all” waves of my long lived life,
I was laughing in my mind, for touchable words of my untouchable life,
I was crying with my heart, for beautiful persons in my ugly life,
I was flying with my wings, to love someone in my unloved life,
I was walking on my legs, to delay the time which made me run in my life,
Finally met “God” once in my life,

I wished… “For a “company” …..Like a “Shore”…”
Where only I can speak………..,
It doesn’t matter even if it’s hot winter or chilled summer,
I can cry till you are wet,
I can dive till you are floating,
I can dream till you are awake,
I can share my words till you are sleeping,
I can laugh till you hide the truth,
I can walk at the shore till you are walking with me,
I can run till you end,
I can see my life till you are kissing the sun,
I can live my life till you love the moon,
I can make you smile till you hear my words,
I can scream my words till your ears are open 4 me,
I can make you dance till you are rising with waves,
I can make you confuse till you are thinking of my words,
I can explain till you get tired of listening,
I can make you think till you love my words,
I can make you walk till I am not around,
I can make you run till I am on earth,
I can miss you loads even if I am not on this earth
With you, I can grow tall, fly high, dream without limits and speak louder,
My words do “Saalsaa” when you smile,
Thanks for being my shore, in “company” of yours I never felt alone,
This is why your “name” is world known,

“A one fine day”

I was dreaming alone in the brightest dark of the lovely night,
No moon only sun around, I was trying to be lost in my life,
To feel “all” waves of my long lived life,
I was laughing in my mind, for touchable words of my untouchable life,
I was crying with my heart, for beautiful persons in my ugly life,
I was flying with my wings, to love someone in my unloved life,
I was walking on my legs, to delay the time which made me run in my life,
Finally met “God” once in my life,

I wished…For ……..“A one fine day”….
If I can have “A one fine day” where,
I can be lost in love for thousands of beauties around,
I can fly up to the sky with hundreds of wings behind,
I can shy for millions catching my eyes,
I can glow with thousands of lights all around,
I can see only myself all around,
I can laugh like thousands even if no one around,
I can cry but can not be seen,
I can be upset but should fade out,
I can be angry but should wash out,
I can feel pity for millions of pains around,
I can swing with trees until I lie down,
I can live in white no dark around,
I can dance with millions of drops all around,
I can move with my head up to kiss the sky,
I can free my arms to feel the sky
I can be a sweetheart of each heart all around me,
I can fear of all dark s around me,
I can dream to love the sky,
I can reflect myself in millions of drops all around,
I can be in everyone’s mind like a fog all around,
“A One fine Day”
Only love, affection, dreams, thoughts and beauties around,

Are we living life like "Ants"???

Life gives you thousand of options and you end up
grabbing some and leaving some. Has it ever happened
that option has become compulsion?Well i guess it
happened with me once. You study to satisfy yourself
as well as your parents, get reputation in the society
and among your friends. In this artificial world humanity
has got no respect because every one tries to get
something which he/she has not got yet. It has given me
enough reasons to understand and believe in
"Maslow's Law of Self Actualization".

While crossing the road of electronic city i always wonder,
will i be able to cross it safely because no one has got
time to put a break on their vehicle, i guess they might
be in a hurry to reach their destiny irrespective of their
action may end someone's life.

I guess we have became like "Ants", if you will see them
moving in a bunch they won't mind whom they are stabbing
and how they are going. They only care for their destiny
and keep walking but i do appreciate that they always
move in a queue. We human being don't even bother to
maintain a queue because we care for ourselves and don't
want to miss the so called opportunity and always tries to
give a concrete example to prove the theory of "Maslow's".
Anyways i think this is world and that's why we came here,
i.e., to lead a life where you care only for blood
relation and rest all are "Ants". If they come on your way
you stab them and move forward by feeling petty about the

Hope one day this will end and we will care for the humanity as well
counting on things to make ourselves visible in this world.

"Geeta's Saar"

"You came empty handed and

you will go the same way."

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Don't Look Back

As you travel through life, there are always those times
When decisions just have to be made;
When the choices are hard and solutions seem scarce,
And the rain seems to soak your parade.

There are some situations where all you can do
Is to simply let go and move on,
Gather courage together and choose a direction
That carries you toward a new dawn.

So pack up your troubles and take a step forward-
The process of change can be tough,
But think about all the excitement ahead,
If you can be stalwart enough.

There could be adventures you never imagined
Just waiting around the next bend -
And wishes and dreams just about to come true
In ways you can't yet comprehend.

Perhaps you'll find friendships that spring from new interests
As you challenge your status quo,
And you learn there are so many options in life
And so many ways you can grow.

Perhaps you'll go places you never expected
And see things you've never seen -
Or travel to fabulous far-away worlds
And wonderful spots in between.

Perhaps you'll find warmth and affection and caring -
A "somebody special" who's there
To help you stay centered and listen with interest
To stories and feelings you share.

Perhaps you'll find comfort in knowing your friends
Are supportive of all that you do -
And believe that whatever decisions you make,
They'll be the right choices for you.

So keep putting one foot in front of the other,
And taking your life day by day.
There's a brighter tomorrow that's just down the road,
Don't look back, you're not going that way.

4 Simple Ways To Relax The Body & Mind...!!!

4 Simple Ways To Relax The Body & Mind"

Life is tough. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, we
all have to face many difficult and stressful situations. Being
at the effect of life can leave us feeling stressed, worried,
angry, confused and frustrated.

And the way we feel affects everything in our lives. When we
feel bad, everything seems much worse than it is. A bad mood is
like a filter that prevents us from seeing the positive things
in life. Every little thing seems like another irritation.

If that's something you can relate to -- take heart -- we all
know what it's like to feel stressed and frustrated. The
important thing is to have the tools to recover quickly and
naturally, find yourself again, and get back on track.

Here are four tips to help you relax the body and mind:

1. Take A Break

When things are starting to get out of hand and you can feel
yourself reaching threshold, STOP. Finish what you're doing.
Take a break before you start anything new.

If someone is driving you mad, make an excuse and leave the
room! Go and take a walk. Get some fresh air, find some calm
within and then prepare yourself to get stuck in again!

2. Listen To Relaxing Music

Music can have a powerful effect on your state. I'm sure there
have been times when you heard a piece of music and suddenly you
felt great. We all know songs that make you tap your foot or
remind you of being in love.

Create a collection of music to help you relax and feel good.
Make a tape of those songs that make you smile to help you
unwind. Play it as often as you can...when you're at home, when
you're working, when you're in your car. You'll be surprised
how good you'll begin to feel.

3. Avoid Stimulants

Tea, coffee, fizzy drinks and chocolate all contain caffeine.
Over the course of the day, this can add to your stress level

Why not prepare yourself a healthy alternative? Bottled water,
freshly squeezed fruit juice and herbal teas are excellent for
maintaining your body's natural water balance and helping you
keep cool under pressure.

4. Use A Soothing Voice

Use a relaxed and soothing tone of voice, not just out loud, but
also when you talk to yourself. A soft, low, melodious tone
opens up the relaxation circuits in your mind and helps you stay
calm even in heated situations.

A friend of mine once told me "Life is a struggle. But once you
accept that, it becomes a lot easier."

We can learn to deal with life's challenges by setting aside
some time to go to work on ourselves, developing a state of
acceptance. When we can learn to calm our minds and separate
ourselves from our problems, we are on the road to significant

When i am all alone!!!

Unwanted truth of my wanted life……

Started with sacrifice,
Leading to compromise,
Difficult to initialize,

Because this is all about my life.....

When I see around, I find myself all alone,
Hate to fly up in the sky, lost in the sweetness of dark,
Surrounded by circles all around, I love you more than my life,
I am sure you can’t leave me alone,
Good that you can't fly up in the sky, because this is only place where you can reside,
I know few hate you most, but don’t worry you are my sweetheart most,
This is the reason I love you loads,

Because this is all about my life.....

Life wakes me up in the night,
Makes me run in this holy night,
Day shall not be penalized,
That’s why I love to work in this holy night,
Though it gives me thousands of rights,
But shall not be miss utilized
This is what I call my lovely life, which makes me run in this holy night.

Because this is all about my life.....

I am here on this lovely earth,
Had to lie since my birth,
Wouldn’t have lied since my birth,
You must have got hurt on this earth.

Because this is all about my life.....

When I see up in the sky,
Feel like flying up to the sky,
When I hug my sweetie sky,
I find myself all alone very high,
I miss you “all” of my life,
You made me laugh up into the sky,
Shall love you "all" throughout my life,
Don’t think I am flying high,
These days I don’t fly high,
Becoz I hate to be high all alone up in the sky.

Because this is all about my life.....

When I sit all alone with the dark,
White rings are ready to get park,
To know the beauty of my dark,
One needs to fly up with my lovely dark,

Because this is all about my life.....

One day I will be leaving you "all" on this lovely earth,
Where I lied since my birth,
With no interest of flying anymore,
I want to be lost in this holy night,
To search the beauty of my lovely dark,
Will bless you “all”, who made be laugh,
Will miss you “all” with my honest heart.

Because this is all about my life.....

So this is all about my life….
Hope I must have made you laugh…..
These are few words of my life...
Let me know something from your side,
I will treat your words as my life,
Let me act honestly for all words of your life,
I will love your words as truth of my life,
Let me have all your words,
Help me out to fill with truths.
Because this is my life...which makes me run......

Let me love you "all",
Will bless you “all” from my soul,
If I made you annoyed……
Sorry friend but this is life…..

Because this is all about my life.....

“……..Dedicated to people who love to fly high up in the sky…..”
"..To 2000,2001,2002 batch, my wingies and friends...."


Straight from my heart....few Words for my friend

Before you read it would be great to know about my friend "spandan"... a "doon" school passout and born genius met him in "BITS-Pilani" and we were sidee in our first year and our room numbers were "budh bhawan" 315(mine) and his 316. his school senoir used to stay in "ram bhawan" room number 101. He was a regular visitor of that room because that room always made him fly high and once we in our second year both of us tired to fly together, we were so gussed that we had to come out of the hostel to eat something sweet and we walked all the way down to the main exit door of the hostel inspite of having 2nd exit gate just next to the place from where we started walking...i guess it happens when you fly.

Straight from my heart.... for my “sidee” and my” lovely great friend”

"....I love 1, 0 and again 1 of your life...."

This is my "Aspandan”, who loves to stand alone,
Because this takes him either at the top (1) or (0) makes him all alone,
You made me delighted by replying back,
Thought of writing something to you back,
Hate to see your life jam-pack,
But what can I do? This is what you were planning long back,
When I sit all alone and dive into flash back,
I miss you loads all alone,
Wished to see you back before “11”, I know till this time you lived in heaven,
I wished, if you could have understood me as "well", I know "sale" after 11 you always came back to "hell"

"....Because this is life which makes you run...."

Hate to see you in 101 "Hey Ram Hey Ram", hope you got my fund,
This is place where you learnt, how to dream in the dusty night,
I guess this is the reason; still we fly high up in the sky,
Wouldn’t have gone to "101", How would I have known the tips of dreaming all alone,
I felt bad to see you running from Budh to Ram and Ram to Budh,
Which made you walk on your lovely legs which seems like “11", till you came back to "Budh" @ 11,
But this is Budh where your life sun shined,
Love that person, who gave rest to your lovely "11" and gifted you 2 wheels to feel the heaven,

"....Because this is life which makes you run...."

Wish to see you soon,
If "god" allows we shall fly again in the noon,
Dreaming all together, flying all together, touching the moon.

"....Because this our lives which make us run...."
Beautiful day of my life,
You made me laugh till I was lost in your life,
Destiny was 5 steps aside,
But we walked miles for that,
I guess this only happens,
When you dare to touch the moon in the sleepy night,
Had “coke” and “samosa” tight, got into bed and slept nice.

"....Because this our lives which make us run...."
I had to say thanks to you once,
Thanks for being my author and my teacher once,
When I was trying hard to have a break at least once,
Sorry for disappointing you again in your life once,
Whatever I deserve, I got them all straight only once,
I wish you must have remembered them all at least once,

“….Because this is my life and it makes me run…”
“….…This was the logic behind 1, “0”and 1…….”
“…..I love if it makes you delight…..”
“….miss you loads and love you loads…”
“…..Please wash my mind…..if you could??......
I hate to think all alone…. Can’t fly anymore…. Because this is my life and am tired of running all alone….”
“…So these are few bunch of words, mix of some naughty and few lovely words….”
“….hope I didn’t hurt you much……”
!!!!!! ^..^!!!!!
(Don’ ask me the meaning of this word….Becoz my world moves around this word!!)

!!!!.....Rome was not built in a day…..!!!!

"Organizational perspectives": Rome was not built in a day

As the quote it self says that, to be successful one needs a proper plan and a continuous effort along with the team working together for a common goal. Organizational goal is clearly defined into organizational mission and vision. Mission which defines companies short term goals, i.e. to achieve 100 million tons target this quarter and vision which mentions companies long term goal i.e. to be an India leader in this segment in terms of services and quality.

In today’s business environment working together towards organizational goals has become very challenging task. Effective organizing and organizational culture plays important role, while motivating individuals or groups to work towards a common goal, i.e. giving the right kind of job to the right person.

If we are talking about motivating individuals or groups then leadership can not be escaped, because it’s a leader responsibility to satisfy individual “need for self-actualization” (which is : It is the desire to become what one is capable of becoming-to maximize one’s potential and to accomplish something). But today things has been changed leader is no more “sikander” but a manager. Although it is true that the most effective manager will almost certainly be an effective leaders and that leading is an essential function of managers, there is more to manage than just leading.

As articles say, the most challenging task of an organization is retaining employees. Since Maslow’s had given “need for self-actualization” as the highest priority in its “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory”. An individual always go for what he is capable of doing and today’s market is like a catalyst where reactants: i.e. employee are ready to react any time to go for their own “need for self-actualization”.

To make a history like a “Rome” there would be 1000’s of things involved but few can be considered while thinking of an organization from mission and vision point of view, like a step-by-step strategy for what we are and what we want to become, encouraging subordinates, continuous motivation with effective organizing and maintaining a standard organizational culture while giving values to human factors responsible for an organization success.