Monday, October 15, 2007

The day has begun...!!!

A moment for which all of us were waiting, for someone a time to show up and for someone a time to finish the burden. I guess that's why attitude has always given a prefernce. Your reaction for a particular situation makes a hell lot of difference. As i remember there was guy who never studied, what he was going to study and he was petrified, terrified and disturbed by the situation and he reliased after experiencing things around that he is going to fall into some trap. Well i always tried to change his attitude rather than explaining him subjects.

Many times he asked me "do you keep negative attitude for any thing?". I said "I don't know i guess when it comes to something on which my life depends then probably i don't keep an attitude, which is not going to give me anything irrespective of keeping a "positive" or so called a "negative" attitude. Whatever is the condition, in case if i don't get things for which i am working and struggling hard then i always think that better is few steps ahead, i need to put some more efforts. I guess this could be the one of the reason for my failures as well as my successes.

So today was the first day of our "final term" examination. Huffff and look at the the subject OPAD, taught beautifully by both the faculties but beauty of an institute always resides in students mind and in turn you always get something to crib about otherwise what's the whole point of having a system where there is nothing to improve. But sometimes i do feel that even if a "Nobel" prize winner would have taught us then also we could have found some flaws. I guess this what human mind is made for, you always bother for things which is not around in spite of utilizing the existing system to its full extent.

As i entered the class, i could feel tons of words bombarding on my ears. I wondered what it is all about and here they go, it all about sitting at a place from where its easy for them to see each other answer sheet. I felt bad because a R&D center is not made for this but what can be done, this is the system which we designed, where people always fight to be ahead with others. But i am sure that the attitude to be competitive can't be like this, probably their maturity level might be arising the situation. I read a mail in the morning saying "instances of copying has been seen because of which results of the MFCS test 3 and test 4 have been kept on held". But what about students who were honest while giving tests. Yaap here one slang exactly fits into picture.

"Ghehu ke saath Ghun bhi Pista hai..!!"

As sir and madam entered into the class and did one announcement, which spoiled the planning of many students. Hahahaha i do feel petty for them but i guess that was most appreciable work done at that instant. And bingo..!!we were ask to split into two rooms.

Exam began and all of got OMR sheet and finally the question paper. Few questions were "OHT" for me but still managed to solve some. Hope result will come in my favor.

well fever is on for 3 more days..!!!!!

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