Saturday, October 13, 2007

“A one fine day”

I was dreaming alone in the brightest dark of the lovely night,
No moon only sun around, I was trying to be lost in my life,
To feel “all” waves of my long lived life,
I was laughing in my mind, for touchable words of my untouchable life,
I was crying with my heart, for beautiful persons in my ugly life,
I was flying with my wings, to love someone in my unloved life,
I was walking on my legs, to delay the time which made me run in my life,
Finally met “God” once in my life,

I wished…For ……..“A one fine day”….
If I can have “A one fine day” where,
I can be lost in love for thousands of beauties around,
I can fly up to the sky with hundreds of wings behind,
I can shy for millions catching my eyes,
I can glow with thousands of lights all around,
I can see only myself all around,
I can laugh like thousands even if no one around,
I can cry but can not be seen,
I can be upset but should fade out,
I can be angry but should wash out,
I can feel pity for millions of pains around,
I can swing with trees until I lie down,
I can live in white no dark around,
I can dance with millions of drops all around,
I can move with my head up to kiss the sky,
I can free my arms to feel the sky
I can be a sweetheart of each heart all around me,
I can fear of all dark s around me,
I can dream to love the sky,
I can reflect myself in millions of drops all around,
I can be in everyone’s mind like a fog all around,
“A One fine Day”
Only love, affection, dreams, thoughts and beauties around,

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