Thursday, October 11, 2007

!!!!.....Rome was not built in a day…..!!!!

"Organizational perspectives": Rome was not built in a day

As the quote it self says that, to be successful one needs a proper plan and a continuous effort along with the team working together for a common goal. Organizational goal is clearly defined into organizational mission and vision. Mission which defines companies short term goals, i.e. to achieve 100 million tons target this quarter and vision which mentions companies long term goal i.e. to be an India leader in this segment in terms of services and quality.

In today’s business environment working together towards organizational goals has become very challenging task. Effective organizing and organizational culture plays important role, while motivating individuals or groups to work towards a common goal, i.e. giving the right kind of job to the right person.

If we are talking about motivating individuals or groups then leadership can not be escaped, because it’s a leader responsibility to satisfy individual “need for self-actualization” (which is : It is the desire to become what one is capable of becoming-to maximize one’s potential and to accomplish something). But today things has been changed leader is no more “sikander” but a manager. Although it is true that the most effective manager will almost certainly be an effective leaders and that leading is an essential function of managers, there is more to manage than just leading.

As articles say, the most challenging task of an organization is retaining employees. Since Maslow’s had given “need for self-actualization” as the highest priority in its “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory”. An individual always go for what he is capable of doing and today’s market is like a catalyst where reactants: i.e. employee are ready to react any time to go for their own “need for self-actualization”.

To make a history like a “Rome” there would be 1000’s of things involved but few can be considered while thinking of an organization from mission and vision point of view, like a step-by-step strategy for what we are and what we want to become, encouraging subordinates, continuous motivation with effective organizing and maintaining a standard organizational culture while giving values to human factors responsible for an organization success.

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