Thursday, October 11, 2007

Straight from my heart....few Words for my friend

Before you read it would be great to know about my friend "spandan"... a "doon" school passout and born genius met him in "BITS-Pilani" and we were sidee in our first year and our room numbers were "budh bhawan" 315(mine) and his 316. his school senoir used to stay in "ram bhawan" room number 101. He was a regular visitor of that room because that room always made him fly high and once we in our second year both of us tired to fly together, we were so gussed that we had to come out of the hostel to eat something sweet and we walked all the way down to the main exit door of the hostel inspite of having 2nd exit gate just next to the place from where we started walking...i guess it happens when you fly.

Straight from my heart.... for my “sidee” and my” lovely great friend”

"....I love 1, 0 and again 1 of your life...."

This is my "Aspandan”, who loves to stand alone,
Because this takes him either at the top (1) or (0) makes him all alone,
You made me delighted by replying back,
Thought of writing something to you back,
Hate to see your life jam-pack,
But what can I do? This is what you were planning long back,
When I sit all alone and dive into flash back,
I miss you loads all alone,
Wished to see you back before “11”, I know till this time you lived in heaven,
I wished, if you could have understood me as "well", I know "sale" after 11 you always came back to "hell"

"....Because this is life which makes you run...."

Hate to see you in 101 "Hey Ram Hey Ram", hope you got my fund,
This is place where you learnt, how to dream in the dusty night,
I guess this is the reason; still we fly high up in the sky,
Wouldn’t have gone to "101", How would I have known the tips of dreaming all alone,
I felt bad to see you running from Budh to Ram and Ram to Budh,
Which made you walk on your lovely legs which seems like “11", till you came back to "Budh" @ 11,
But this is Budh where your life sun shined,
Love that person, who gave rest to your lovely "11" and gifted you 2 wheels to feel the heaven,

"....Because this is life which makes you run...."

Wish to see you soon,
If "god" allows we shall fly again in the noon,
Dreaming all together, flying all together, touching the moon.

"....Because this our lives which make us run...."
Beautiful day of my life,
You made me laugh till I was lost in your life,
Destiny was 5 steps aside,
But we walked miles for that,
I guess this only happens,
When you dare to touch the moon in the sleepy night,
Had “coke” and “samosa” tight, got into bed and slept nice.

"....Because this our lives which make us run...."
I had to say thanks to you once,
Thanks for being my author and my teacher once,
When I was trying hard to have a break at least once,
Sorry for disappointing you again in your life once,
Whatever I deserve, I got them all straight only once,
I wish you must have remembered them all at least once,

“….Because this is my life and it makes me run…”
“….…This was the logic behind 1, “0”and 1…….”
“…..I love if it makes you delight…..”
“….miss you loads and love you loads…”
“…..Please wash my mind…..if you could??......
I hate to think all alone…. Can’t fly anymore…. Because this is my life and am tired of running all alone….”
“…So these are few bunch of words, mix of some naughty and few lovely words….”
“….hope I didn’t hurt you much……”
!!!!!! ^..^!!!!!
(Don’ ask me the meaning of this word….Becoz my world moves around this word!!)

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