Saturday, October 13, 2007

“An Angel for few hrs in my life…”

“An Angle for few hrs in my life…”

(……Met “God” in my “dream”….)

I was dreaming alone in the brightest dark of the lovely night,
No moon only sun around, I was trying to be lost in my life,
To feel “all” waves of my long lived life,
I was laughing in my mind, for touchable words of my untouchable life,
I was crying with my heart, for beautiful persons in my ugly life,
I was flying with my wings, to love someone in my unloved life,
I was walking on my legs, to delay the time which made me run in my life,

Finally met “God” once in my life,

Conversation with “God”:

I: “God” why did you send me to earth?
You had only 2 things to design my life, Wrote my
whole life with “1” alphabet” and “An” Integer involved,

Why things don’t stay for long in my life?

God: “Son”, this is called the circle of life,
where things can’t stay for long,
You did a mistake by solving the
“mathematics” behind your life,

I: why you sent me to the earth “god”,
even if you did, why you made me 2ndary in their lives,

You kept me aside from many relations,
in relations also you kept me 2nd without even thinking of me

God: Till you are on earth you can’t have anything
less then 2 or more than 2, but let me feel
pity for your words, shall give you a gift
for few hrs, try catching all the relations for
which you were miles behind.

I: “God” please no more 2 in life, I am tired of
carrying the image of 2 in my life, please send the gift
thrice. Please God, once in a life time, throw me just 1 down.
Please “God”…PlzzzzzzzzSSssssssssseeeeee..,

God: Ok but this is the last time I am feeling pity
for your words, but make sure that don’t insult
my gifts.

I: As you wish my lovely “God”.

I wished immediately and said thank u, thank u 2ice and
came out from his world, before “He” changes his mind.
When I woke up it was a beautiful sunny day, Air ready
with million of kisses, trees ready to swing me in their arms,
water waiting to drag me in his world. Life was full of
love and affection without any expectation.

I wished…If I can???
I can have someone, who is unique in zillions,
I can live with someone throughout my life,
I can pamper someone whole my life,
I can care for someone till I die,
I can laugh with someone till someone laughs,
I can cry with someone, if someone cries,
I can run for someone when someone gets tired of running,
I hit myself if I get angry on “someone”,
I can hide someone’s toys, if I am angry of someone,
I can pull “someone” cheek if I feel like loving my someone,
I can make someone cry, if I feel to be naughty with someone,
I can fill someone with chocolates, ice-creams if someone is angry of me,
I can give someone a huge hug, if someone is upset of something,
I can whisper my secrets in someone’s ears,
I can guard someone if I find an idiot around,
I can cook for someone, if someone is tired of cooking,
I can read for someone, if someone doesn’t feel like reading anything,
I can count all stars for someone, if someone doesn’t feel like sleeping,
I can tell 1000s of stories to someone, if someone wants to be lost in dreams,
I can cry for someone when someone will be lost in someone else dream
Let me live with my “someone” till I fill zillions of pages alike,


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