Saturday, October 13, 2007

"A company Like a Shore"

I was dreaming alone in the brightest dark of the lovely night,
No moon only sun around, I was trying to be lost in my life,
To feel “all” waves of my long lived life,
I was laughing in my mind, for touchable words of my untouchable life,
I was crying with my heart, for beautiful persons in my ugly life,
I was flying with my wings, to love someone in my unloved life,
I was walking on my legs, to delay the time which made me run in my life,
Finally met “God” once in my life,

I wished… “For a “company” …..Like a “Shore”…”
Where only I can speak………..,
It doesn’t matter even if it’s hot winter or chilled summer,
I can cry till you are wet,
I can dive till you are floating,
I can dream till you are awake,
I can share my words till you are sleeping,
I can laugh till you hide the truth,
I can walk at the shore till you are walking with me,
I can run till you end,
I can see my life till you are kissing the sun,
I can live my life till you love the moon,
I can make you smile till you hear my words,
I can scream my words till your ears are open 4 me,
I can make you dance till you are rising with waves,
I can make you confuse till you are thinking of my words,
I can explain till you get tired of listening,
I can make you think till you love my words,
I can make you walk till I am not around,
I can make you run till I am on earth,
I can miss you loads even if I am not on this earth
With you, I can grow tall, fly high, dream without limits and speak louder,
My words do “Saalsaa” when you smile,
Thanks for being my shore, in “company” of yours I never felt alone,
This is why your “name” is world known,

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