Saturday, October 13, 2007

Are we living life like "Ants"???

Life gives you thousand of options and you end up
grabbing some and leaving some. Has it ever happened
that option has become compulsion?Well i guess it
happened with me once. You study to satisfy yourself
as well as your parents, get reputation in the society
and among your friends. In this artificial world humanity
has got no respect because every one tries to get
something which he/she has not got yet. It has given me
enough reasons to understand and believe in
"Maslow's Law of Self Actualization".

While crossing the road of electronic city i always wonder,
will i be able to cross it safely because no one has got
time to put a break on their vehicle, i guess they might
be in a hurry to reach their destiny irrespective of their
action may end someone's life.

I guess we have became like "Ants", if you will see them
moving in a bunch they won't mind whom they are stabbing
and how they are going. They only care for their destiny
and keep walking but i do appreciate that they always
move in a queue. We human being don't even bother to
maintain a queue because we care for ourselves and don't
want to miss the so called opportunity and always tries to
give a concrete example to prove the theory of "Maslow's".
Anyways i think this is world and that's why we came here,
i.e., to lead a life where you care only for blood
relation and rest all are "Ants". If they come on your way
you stab them and move forward by feeling petty about the

Hope one day this will end and we will care for the humanity as well
counting on things to make ourselves visible in this world.

"Geeta's Saar"

"You came empty handed and

you will go the same way."

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