Saturday, October 13, 2007

Paranoid by the situation..!!!

Well I always wondered why companies can’t last for long. After putting lot of thoughts I can’t draw a line, in reference to which I can make my decisions. People have got their own priority and “dear” priorities keep changing with time and that’s why I think companies also keep changing with time.

It doesn’t matter how magical was someone’s company, irrespective of having all the qualities which rocked your world, you always bothered for something which annoyed you and your world. At least one should keep track of it, because this is the only weapon which could satisfy your moral to escape from the moments which amazed your world but at the end of the day you might end up leaving few words somewhere in your diary, blog etc. etc for not having someone’s so called unforgettable company. Because priorities keep changing with time, Otherwise imagine situations where you don’t have anything against it and still you want to escape from it, I guess it will screw your mind and your thoughts and might end up feeling guilt within. So cleavers always count on things which are immaterial and to escape you claim for things as if it were so visible like a mount “Everest”. But I believe you can escape the physical existence of any situation but you always make your decisions based on your past and try to avoid the “so called” mistakes which you believe that you encountered last time and draw a line so that you don’t fall into the trap again.

“You can escape situations but you can’t escape memories”

It won’t be a justice to a relation which deserved all the beautiful words of “english dictionary” and ended up with words. You felt it with your beautiful heart so try to grab it with your heart. Relations shall not be dealt with words unless or until you are paranoid by the situation. You live a life to have life long memories rather than memories which fade out with time.

Priorities keep changing with time --> Time keep bringing priorities --> Time is continuous but priorities can be made discrete --> Relations are invincible shall not be made invisible --> if you loved it then have it :)

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